Looking to inspire your management team or employees?

 I conduct a fun & productive training or workshop on several different subjects, including:

  • Providing the Power of "Wow!" Customer Experience

  • The 4 L's of Leadership

  • Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

  • How to Get Your Focus Back

  • Staying Motivated in Menacing Times

  • Success vs Significance

  • Time Management

  • Keeping Employees Happy in Hectic Times

  • Abundance vs Scarcity Thinking

“Our statewide association has had the opportunity to work with Paul during the last couple of years in a number of leadership trainings, sessions and keynote speeches.  I would strongly encourage anyone looking to raise their organization to the next level to seek out Paul.  Paul’s presentations are engaging, funny, pertinent and bring ideas to life.  In our most recent conference Paul’s sessions addressed a number of leadership, communication and feedback topics and they were our highest rated sessions.  Paul prides himself on research--getting to know potential audiences, and then tailoring information to have the most positive impact.  Do yourself a favor and seek out Paul for your next event.  You will be extremely happy you did!”


LeeAnn Powell

URPA Executive Director 

“I asked Paul to help our team catch a vision for the focus on service we are trying to emphasize in our company. From the moment he arrived, he had the team excited and engaged. His stories and examples were particularly meaningful and helpful to casting the vision for how we can add a little extra to all that we do. Paul’s influence will be incorporated in to our strategic direction moving forward. Having him was time and money well spent!”


Hunter Sebresos

Chief Executive Officer-Bacon